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To Our Brother RMC:

We are deeply saddened to hear of the loss of his wife. We, the Officers of CARNAGE CLAN., ask that all members keep RMC and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

"Quos amamusnon evanescunt, nobiscum potius quotidie ambulant."

"Those we love don't fade, but walk beside us everyday."

If you need anything Brother, don't hesitate to contact one of us.
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30th Aug Pvt.Private Heathen was accepted through the application Recruitment
30th Aug Pvt.Private Heathen has applied through the recruitment application Recruitment
30th Aug Pvt.Private Heathen just joined our community, welcome!
30th Aug Pvt.Private Badaxel made a donation of 10.00 USD
5th Aug CFCF Hammer32 was accepted through the application Recruitment
5th Aug CFCF Hammer32 has applied through the recruitment application Recruitment
5th Aug CFCF Hammer32 just joined our community, welcome!
6th Jul Master Guns Crossknight
The full COC and TL;DR version have been updated. Please select the CHAIN OF COMMAND from the CLAN INFO button at the top of the page for details.
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14th Jul CFCF LittleHammer was accepted through the application Recruitment
14th Jul CFCF LittleHammer has applied through the recruitment application Recruitment
Code of Conduct/ Pre-Recruitment info

We are very proud of our clan and what we stand for, and we expect every member to feel the same. When you are chatting in-game, posting in forums or other social media, you are acting as a    representative of our Clan    as you carry the [CARNAGE] Tag with you all the time. Please avoid being whiny, annoying, problematic, or disrespectful in these situations.

Once one of our members makes our Clan look bad, people will assume that all of our members behave like that. Not only does it damage your reputation, it also damages the Clan’s reputation as a whole.

If you do something wrong like caused a flame war or get into a heated argument with other players, please let a CARN Officer know about the issue at the soonest time possible.        If you tell us beforehand, we can better defend you or at the least are aware of it so we are not blindsided when the issue is brought to our attention.     If you get in a    heated argument with a CARN OFFICER and your a Recruit Good luck to you and all your endeavors(been nice knowing you).     

If you do not inform us and it blows into a huge fiasco, then expect the worst!

Any CARN Member proven to cause damage to the Clan’s reputation will have your CARN Membership revoked immediately.

DISCORD is    MANDATORY    for all CARN Members when Online / In-Game.    NO Exceptions! Unless you have Kids, "Real life" that you are dealing with at that time.

CARN Members that are Online/In-Game but not logged in to our DISCORD will be given up to Three (3) Warnings to comply or risk having your CARN Membership revoked. (Unless you have a disability or other personal issues in which case we will work out something unique case to case basis.)

When you set up your DISCORD, please create your  DISCORD  name to be the same as your Forum.

The CARNAGE  DISCORD  server will have multiple channels for those that would like to be less social than others, Although we promote a social environment where members can know one another and friendships can be made and maintained.

We strongly suggest that you get to know your team Brothers and sisters and familiarize their voices as this would be very helpful during Clan Wars / Clan Operations / Raids.



“Fortius Quo Fidelius” means “Strength Through Loyalty”.

We do our best to keep a tight-knit group of people who care about each other and the Clan as a unified force, a common place for us all to gather and fight back to back against whatever challenges lies ahead.

To this institution relies    on the loyalty of our members to do what is right to further the cause and objective of the Clan. If the Clan wins, you win. 

If you are more concerned with yourself, your own needs, then this is NOT the Clan for you.

As a CARNAGE Member, you agree that you will protect the assets, resources and classified information of our Clan and will  NOT    disclose it to anyone outside of the Clan. Any CARN Member proven to be in breach of this agreement will be subjected to having their CARN Membership terminated immediately and will also receive a    Lifetime Ban    from joining CARN and its allies as well.

Any CARNAGE Member proven to be in breach will be subjected to having their CARNAGE Membership terminated.

You are encouraged to think very carefully before leaving the Clan because if you are looking to join CARNAGE again you must submit a new application, go through the whole recruitment process all over again and there is a chance that your application might be rejected based on your past performance records.


-Overall respect to the officers and Leaders of CARNAGE, but not just higher ranking officials; it takes respect to earn it.


-Addressing your commander/officer by their rank, or by "sir" is generally required.


-When a commissioned officer/flag officer joins a game of training or non-combative events, it is required of you to silence yourself and face the officer.


-Be sure to attend all CARN-related activities. If you are unable to attend, then notify to someone that you are unable to attend ON THE FORUMS. (Reasons: family, outside life, emergencies, etc.)


-All personnel are required to follow all logical orders given by superiors, as long as the orders do not intervene with those given by a superior officer.

If you are here seeking recruitment, there are a few things you will need to do:  

1. If you skipped over the registration agreement, as most people do, go back and read it. It contains information that you will absolutely need to know in order to have any chance at all at gaming membership.  

2. Read the entire Charter. Then read it again. Then read it again.  

3. The Charter. is what many people consider to be a "long" read, at least in terms of a gaming guild charter. If you cannot handle reading a document of this size, if this is "too long" for you, CARNAGE isn't the right place for you. Best to go somewhere besides here and save both of our time.  

4. Read the entire Charter. carefully, thoroughly, entirely. Do not skim it. Do not glance over it. Do not browse it. Read it through to complete understanding.  

5. Applicant's Recruiting Information contains step by step instructions for applying to Carnage. The application process is long, stringent, exacting, and likely to be unlike any you have ever even heard of before in the entirety of gaming. It is this way by design. Understand this before proceeding.  

6. The step by step instructions are clearly and carefully written in order to guide you through the process each step of the way. In spite of this, there are many who do not follow the instructions. If you do not follow the instructions to the letter, you will be denied. If you skim the document, you will fail. It's that simple.  

7. While our process is thorough, it isn't astrophysics. It isn't complicated. As previously stated, it's written out step by step, very plainly, very clearly. All you have to do is read it and follow the steps, adhering to the instructions.  

8. If you are uncertain about any part of the Charter or the Application Process, ask the Recruiter.  

9. Pay attention to every single sentence. Each step has a purpose.  

10. If you are able to follow the instructions listed here and in the Charter, you just may have a chance at experiencing something wholly unique and extraordinary. Those for whom our guild was designed and crafted these past years will find the journey worth every single second.  

11. We do not allow personal Avatars. It is reserved for CARNAGE Brothers to honor our clan avatar.

QUESTIONS/CONCERNS may be directed to Master Guns Crossknight.
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